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Main Components


We are a space for social and academical organizations, which share goals and objectives, join their capabilities, experiences an efforts to drive processes of education, prevention and local incidence


The Permanent Committee for Risk Management in El Salvador (MPGR, from its acronym in Spanish) is anetwork of civil society organizations, founded in 2002


The National Risk Incidence Management Committee, its the National plattform for Organized Cicil Society in Honduras


The National Risk Management Committee is a space created to foster agreement, analysis, formulate proposals and develop actions in matters related to Risk Management and Attention to Disasters

  • Global Network for, Disaster Reduction

    "Enable civil society to connect local to global and speak with a collective voice that drives action which reduces risk and increases the resilience of the most vulnerable."   Neet to know more ? Visit Us !

  • START, Network

    Our network was born in 2010 from informal conversations between humanitarian leaders from aid agencies in and around London. They were frustrated by the challenges they faced. Governments were struggling to adapt quickly enough to tackle global problems such as climate change. Conflicts were becoming more frequent - and more violent - driving ever larger numbers of people to flee from one country to another. Visit START Network !  

  • Vulnerable Central America, Forum

    Together for Life! (FCV-UV from its acronym in spanish) is a space to articulate diverse social organizations in Central America, who look to impact climate negotiations in favor of our people.   Visit FCV-UV (Page in Spanish)

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